Doctors View of CrossFit

With a worldwide craze sweeping the nation and many CrossFit facilities opening up all over the country, it is interesting to note a doctors view on CrossFit and its risks vs benefits to its participants, as well as some of the most common injuries seen by Dr McGill, a Sports Performance Physical Therapist. As always, rehabilitating these injuries is an important aspect to recovery and return to action and this is something Stuart McDade Biokineticists can help you with.

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I initially approached Stuart for training that needed to be done outside of the pool heading towards the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Within the first month of us working together I could feel how my strength had improved whilst training, both in and out of the water. Because of previous injuries, Stuart would adjust my training program to what would suit me best in order to ensure that I always received the best possible outcome from the program. Stuart always displays professionalism and working with him is an absolute pleasure.


Paralympic gold and bronze medalist, Beijing and London Paralympic Games.