I have been working with Stuart since the beginning of 2013 and I can honestly say that I’m not only a stronger and fitter wheelchair marathon athlete, but he has single handedly given me a platform for significant improvement and has brought about the realization that a full recovery from being paralyzed can be possible. His understanding of core stability and balance in the human body is phenomenal to say the least and having the ability to apply this knowledge to my training and recovery has elevated my quality of life to the point where I have become a functional walker again. With Stuart’s help, I have outperformed every expectation my doctors have had over the last few years. With all my physical limitations improving so dramatically, one can only imagine what the future holds for me.


Wheelchair marathon athlete


In all my years of playing elite level sport, Stuart has always been my go to person for any injuries and rehabilitation I have needed done. He knows how to get the balance between pain management and getting me back to competition as soon as possible without putting me at risk of further injury. I would recommend any elite sportsman or woman sees Stuart for their rehab as I know they would be in excellent hands.


Double Olympian – team SA


A couple of years ago I had a skiing accident whilst on holiday and ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament. I had it surgically repaired, after which Stuart was responsible for my rehabilitation and getting me back to full functioning. After working with Stuart for many months, my knee feels stronger than ever and I have not had any problems since then. I continue to see Stuart for any aches and pains that I experience in my busy lifestyle. He has been fantastic to work with over the years and is very professional.


Businessman, ACL repair


I have been seeing Stuart for a number of years. I suffer from Parkinson’s Disease which affects my daily living and normal functioning in many ways. Stuart has assisted me greatly in maintaining the functioning that I have and improving my balance which has reduced my number of falls. I have benefited significantly from Stuart’s treatment plan and find him very patient and understanding as a person and health provider.


Retired, Parkinson’s disease


I have been in the care of Stuart continuously since June 2010. I had a triple Heart Bypass operation in 2000 & a total knee replacement 3 years ago. I also have type II diabetes. Since working with Stuart, I have become significantly more mobile & fit for my age of 78 years, I have had no recent issues with my heart and my blood sugar levels have been very well controlled. I intend to continue being treated by him, as he is a very important factor in my life, in respect of which I am able to continue working full-time as CEO of my company.




Doing strength work with Stuart has made all the difference to my marathon training and running. I now have less pain and discomfort whilst running ultra-marathon distances, and I’m feeling stronger than ever before. My recovery time is now minimal and I am back on the road in no time after a marathon. Feeling this good has boosted my confidence on the road and, with Stuart’s guidance, I am now looking forward to training for a few triathlons and a greater goal of completing the 2016 Comrades Marathon.


Ultra-marathon Runner


I was a dancer in earlier years, until my mid-20s. The effects of a previous trampoline injury in my early teens emerged some years ago, resulting in regular lower back pain as well as neck pain. I’ve had the privilege of working with Stuart twice a week since February 2012. He has guided and instructed me in many aspects of my health, from inner core strength to managing and controlling my back and neck pain, general wellbeing and overall fitness. Having reached the age of 60, oh, how I wish I had had the knowledge and care then, which I have now with Stuart.


Retired dancer, back and neck pain


I initially approached Stuart for training that needed to be done outside of the pool heading towards the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Within the first month of us working together I could feel how my strength had improved whilst training, both in and out of the water. Because of previous injuries, Stuart would adjust my training program to what would suit me best in order to ensure that I always received the best possible outcome from the program. Stuart always displays professionalism and working with him is an absolute pleasure.


Paralympic gold and bronze medalist, Beijing and London Paralympic Games.

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